Court of Creation Holidays:

Kruos’ Festivals
Vigil – The first new moon of the year – Humans reflect on the oristallian wars and loss of the city heart.
Creator’s Week – First week of May – Inventors display their creations with hopes of finding business partners, investors, or buyers. Holy rituals are performed within the church to thank Kruos for creating humans.
Friendfeast – Last Saturday of September – A day where people forgive others for past actions and share food cooked over large pit fires and drink the last batches of alcohol before they’re stored away for winter rationing.

Jotmir’s Festivals

Marketsweep – Late spring – A time for dwarves and non-dwarves alike to clean out their homes and sell old unwanted things to neighbors.
Barleyday – Fall Harvest – A festival that marks the harvest of grain to be used in brewing. Clans come together to ensure all the brewing is done quickly and the barrels are ready for winter.
Candlenights – Winter – A massive winter festival dedicated to the forging of clan relationships and helping friends in need.

Erxon’s Festivals
The Dead’s Day – Last day of October – A day when the recently dead are brought out and paraded before burial in some cultures. Others will dress up in costumes and perform tricks on neighbors in order to scare evil spirits away (or bribe the neighbors for sweets). Many believe the barrier between the material plane and plane of death is thinnest on this night and have long rituals to commune with the dead.
The Reaping – First and final day of harvest – A festival where farm hands harvesting the year’s crops are given special treats during their longest days of work. Sacrifices are made to Erxon to support a good harvest next year. Miners make sacrifices to thank Erxon for his bounty and for keeping them safe in the mines another year.
Banking Day – First day of June – A day to take stock and account for one’s possessions and wealth, to balance the books, and line out any debt one may have. Many banks offer special deals on Banking Day. Sacrifices are made to Erxon to bless families or individuals for wealth.

Iowin’s Holidays
Graduation Day – Early Summer – Days in which students graduate from their current academic level, with special attention given to those graduating from landmark grades, such as secondary school or the various levels of college education. Sacrafices, toasts, and prayers are made for Iowin as thanks for the gift of knowledge.
Rememberance Day – Second Tuesday of July – A day to tell stories from history to ensure they are not forgotten, and to write down new ones. Elders both alive and dead are presented with gifts, sacrafices and prayer.
Day of Leaves – Early Spring – A day in which trees are groomed, shaped, planted and inspected during the early morning. Spells are frequently cast upon larger trees to bless them. The rest of the day is spent resting underneath the trees that were taken care of, sharing time with friends.


The Material Woodbelly