Experience Rewards

Note: The Material will be using the Fast Experience advancement track.

Players may gain bonus experience in the form of XP Rewards.

A single XP reward is equal to 3% of the amount needed to level from your current level, to the next level (so a 1st level character would receive 39 xp as a reward and a 5th level 150 points, and so on)

The following is a list of total available awards.

Writing a backstory: 3 xpr (Limited 1 at character creation)
Writing a journal entry: 1 xpr (Limited 1 per session)
General DM reward: 1 xpr (granted for milestones, character development, RP, and other miscellaneous things)
Post game award: Voted for by the players, three awards are given out post-session.
1: The Good: For compelling scenes, RP and character development
2: The Bad: For something awesome/badass/creative, usually (but not always) relating to combat.
3: The Ugly: A Consolation prize for poor rolls or luck over the course of the session (or for a specific event.

Experience Rewards

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