Death Penalties

Upon the death of a character, a player has a set of options.

1: The character may make a ‘god call’, on a roll of 1d100 resulting in 100, the player’s deity intervenes, this may be modified or unavailable due to character actions and beliefs. The character will then be returned to life with some sort of quest, omen, or other plot device. This may or may not include a magic or cursed item.

2: The character may be resurrected via traditional means. Any spell that would otherwise cost a negative level instead costs the following:

2a: The character’s spirit, having been torn from the material, thrown into the afterlife, and then ripped back into the material is sundered. Upon the character’s resurrection his maximum hit points are equal to half of his former maximum hit points. His maximum hit recover at a rate of 1+con modifier per day, double that rate if they’re taking bed-rest, and quadruple that rate if they’re cared for by at least one doctor or priest during bed rest.

2b: Once back in the material, the spirit must be re-bound to a body. The more complete and intact the body the fewer side-effects are likely to occur during the binding. Furthermore, the skill of the priests performing the ritual, the components used in the ritual, the time and place of the ritual and other more mystical factors come into play.

2c: Once completed the DM will make a series of rolls to determine the number, type and severity of any side-effects. These are effects similar to the massive injury table, however, in addition to the body, they may also effect the mind and spirit.

3: The character may roll a new character at the current average party level minus the total xp required to reach the next level. For example if a character dies and the player wishes to re-roll we find that the average level in the party is 4.5, always rounding down (to 4 in this example). The cost to go from 4th to 5th level is a difference of 4000 xp. Thus the character begins at 4th level before being penalized 2000 xp (half the amount needed to level up to 5th). Thus the character would begin play at 3rd level with 1300 xp.

Death Penalties

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