The Rotting World Tree

The following should layout most of the needed pre-game campaign notes.

All paizo published materials are approved for use.
Character creation will be as follows:
Level 2
20 point buy
Standard level 1 starting gold + a backstory item we’ll figure out on session 0
2 Traits
All listed Houserules are in effect. Minor alterations may be made as needed.
Lastly, session 0 will include listing a number of out-of-party contacts (and possibly an antagonistic force or two), various personality based questions (fears, desires, etc) and small GM additions to help your backstory show a bit better in play.

Please keep in mind that the campaign will be using the Epic Seven alternate rule. Furthermore, building a character around a backstory and including said backstory within the crunch of the character sheet in place of raw min-maxing is highly encouraged. Furthermore the party will have been long established by game on. Be it a team of adventurers, extended ‘family’, a research group, etc. We’ll further discuss it on session 0.

The wiki is pretty big and is missing a ton of information that might be relevant to one’s character, if you need information on something that isn’t fleshed out or listed let me know and I’ll either tell you on the spot or write up something asap. Otherwise, reading the wiki is a great way to get a head up on the game (if someone busts out the fact that it happens to be banking day in order to get a deal, you can bet I’ll give out a bonus to the roll)

The rough outline:

On the isle of Nyme stands the corpse of the world tree. Once considered to be the oldest mortal thing on the material it suddenly contracted a rabid case of disease and rot roughly 500 years ago, killing it clear to the core and deepest roots within a century. Many elves blame the humans and the explosion of their city heart disrupting the tides of mana, while others still blame the dwarven mines on the isle or the wrath of the gods themselves. The ultimate cause is unknown, but the suspicions have only served to distance the wood elves culture further from the world. The rot has since spread to new food. A massive carnivorous forest spreads like wildfire requiring constant intervention to avoid it swallowing up the island and it’s cities.

But the rot isn’t the only issue lingering on Nyme. A number of years ago a lone dwarven miner discovered a hidden gate within his claim. Within held a great hall to rival those in the dwarven nations. Further exploration uncovered one tunnel after another sprawling across the western mountains. While not the largest mountainhome on the planet it’s clearly the most labyrinthine. Since various groups have established themselves at various entry points, hoping to accomplish individual goals which are, at times, conflicting with other’s goals. Among these are a number of dwarven clans hoping to find proof to claim it as their own ancestral home, various academic organizations such as the Technic League and the ubiquitous adventurer’s camp looking to make fast gold.

Furthermore, the town of Keelhaul continues to be a haven for the pirates who choke the straights around the island, there have been more wild druid sightings in the forests northeast of Fetique Station, there are rumors of mass gatherings of diplomats and nobles at Dawton Keep and there is at least one missing cat.

Your group has recently arrived after a long journey at sea (relating to whatever your group ends up being) and while you only have second hand knowledge and rumor about most of the goings on in the island, you know for a fact that there’s money to be made and things to discover here.

I’ll be running as a lose sandbox, it’s up to the group to drive the story along with me and in exchange, you’re all welcome to do as you wish within reason.

The Rotting World Tree

The Material Woodbelly