Technology within the Material is currently equivalent to that of 12-15th century Europe, with asides for recovered technomantic (crystaltech) equipment, the high engineering works of Angeleos, the works of dwarves and a few smaller bastions of technology.

Black powder is used throughout the human empires for mining and large civil works projects. Firearms are still in their earliest of development, and are rare, slow, expensive and inaccurate, although their sheer power and ease of use mean that they are prized among many growing cultures.

Remains of the old empire’s technomancy still remain lost under the rubble of the old war, but most nations that have managed to carve out their place in the world have recovered and studied these works enough to give them the upper hand over those who haven’t, or at the very least developed technologies to hold against those with the old tech. Examples of some of these recovered or developed technologies that are unique to the nations can be found below:

Oristallia: Contains the largest collection of recovered artifacts and scholars of technomancy. Most of this technology is found in research labs, restricted military bases and the parlors of the highest nobility.

Waldreich: Highly gifted in mundane engineering, such as the building of fortresses and castles, forging strong steel for weapons and armor, and clockwork devices like the tumbling crossbow (a repeating crossbow with a barrel clip) and the mechanical clock.

Rhote: A bastion of old-world philosophers, astronomers and inventors, Rhote houses many great civil works that mirror the first age of humanitie’s inventiveness. This includes it’s elaborate system of roads and aqueducts which utilities the highly protected art of concrete masonry and the new world calendar, which was adopted shortly after the end of the Oristallian Wars . Rhote is also home to many of the world’s best physicians with the oldest medical school in the world being located at Apulum.

Strombied: Formerly a territory of Rhote, Strombied is similar to Rhote in many ways regarding technology. Without the mason’s guild of Rhote and access to concrete, Strombied looked to Waldreich for architects and masons resulting in massive vaulted cathedrals that many of the lords of Waldreich would consider huberistic. Strombied is also home to a large number of gold mines, and unparalleled goldsmiths craft treasures renown for their quality across the world.

Tanis: A close ally of Rhote, Tanis too possesses great knowledge reguarding philosophy, astronomy, art and culture. As a society that maintainde a great deal of it’s culture and tradition through the Oristallian wars, it is among the most innately knowledgeable of the traditions of the old world. The local traditions of embalming and entombing the dead have been passed along for thousands of years and persist to the modern day, and their knowledge of farming within the Tanis river basin allows their nation to flourish despite the dry climate.

Pravance: Along side her rival and sister nation of Oristallia, Pravance is one of the most developed nations within the material. Pravance has a long history of inventors, many hailing from the military institute of Corcosa. The most noteworthy of these inventions is the infantry cannon, which was developed even before the gunsmiths of Angeleos put ink to paper reguarding their ideas. The infantry cannon has been copied by a number of other nations (Namely Bombordo and Oristallia) but few nations have mastered it’s use like Pravance. Other Pravavancian inventions include the widely popular guillotine, the hot-air balloon, and methods of food preservation.




Angeleos: After a bloody civil war with Alumeos, the region of Angeleos won independence from the Mageocracy to the south, however, without the support of the mage’s guild that once held aloft the regions infrastructure, the fledgling nation quickly fell into disarray. Angeleos was pulled from darkness by a charismatic leader known as Giles Heart, a scientific genius who developed thousands of fundamental inventions that made Angeleos the world leader of mundane technology over the course of two generations. The most revered of these creations is the over land rail system. Other developments include steam engines, the revolving cylinder firearm, wax cylinder recorders, methods for mass production and the exceedingly rare and nearly impossible to maintain sets of steam armor. Angeleos exports many of these inventions, although they’re quite difficult to find outside of the nation due to the high export taxes they levy, and the rarity of technicians able to fix these devises outside of the country. Many more, however, are strictly controlled by the government in order to prevent the knowledge from falling into the hands of the orcs to the east or the nation of Alumeos to the south.



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