Formerly the seat of a global empire, Oristallia now stands as the phoenix rising from the ash that was the Dark Age of Humanity. Since it’s downfall over 500 years ago, Oristallia has regained it’s position as a seat of global culture and trade. The former capital remains abandoned deep within the Karmic Wastes after the collapse of the City Heart during the Dark Age, but the current capital of Oristallia Proper (Sometimes called New Oristallia) stands as a shining testament to the tenacity of the human race.


With the inequality of The First Great Age of Man still fresh in the minds of the humans, despite the distance of time the nation has a unique form of government built to combat such a system arising once more.

Every town and city within the nation elects a city council of magistrates, who act as both community leaders and judges, each council in turn elects a leader (usually titled mayor, but it may vary depending on the town and region) and an envoy who represents the city at the capital from their ranks.

The national council consists of ten envoys chosen randomly among all envoys in the nation. This council in turn, elects a Chief Magistrate who is, in effect, the head of state; Although the Chief Magistrate possesses few powers above a normal national councilman, his purpose is to direct discussion and ensure that the council is able to project a single voice rather than a riot of shouts.

If any envoy is found unworthy of reelection within his home district and loses his position as envoy of his town or city, any position on the national council is void. Lastly, no councilman may serve more than four four year terms.


The nation’s primary landmass is the island of Oristallia, however several of the outlying islands are also a part of the nation, namely the triad of grassy highland islands to the north and the two small islands to the west.

A single range of mountains, The Beacon Expanse rests in the center of the island, capped by The Hill of Kruos, the tallest mountain on the continent.

The land west of the Beacons is temperate forests, and the land east of the Beacons is drier rocky grasslands.

Summers are mild and winters are cold and wet.


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