The Material

Session 13-14: Strike the earth!

Level 6
In-game date: June 22nd, July 20th

Pimp my ride: Wood Elf Boat Edition
Sailing to Bargemurdered
The Goblin and the Dancer talk to a dorf without being noticed they’re public enemy #1, buy a parking spot from him.
Spending forever in the deep roads
Showing up at Honorhome
Hanging out with King Arkhammer who is a chill dude
Making plans with Arkhammer
Barron Dath
Off to Inkstone to kill the necromancer
Killin plants
Finding crystal tool key things
Killin flesh golems
Killin zombies
Not killin canibal dorf
Finding a badass shield
Killin necromancers
Celeb steals a few pages of the Black Texts, goes crazy. And Scene.

Session 12: Dreams of being a Princess (and mice, and other things)

Level 6

In-Game Date: June 20th-22nd

So, there’s something you need to know about the cowgirl…

Awkward Family Dinners
Terms of Use for the big ol stone beds (esta considers taking her throne)
Big ol’ stone beds of +5 dream sharing

Hey! It’s Lore! BROMANCE HUG!

And then there were spiders

And more spiders
And a few more

And then a couple more dreams happened
and now you have the ship’s wheel

Also a letter of diplomatic immunity
and a date with king arkhammer

Session 11: Little Deaths and Big Ones Too.

Level 5
In-Game Date June 11th-20th

Spending time in Nip
Magic Shoppe and the party’s entire bank account
Driving off to the compass needle
Bandits in the pass
Parley with the bandit queen
Ten ways to cross a canyon
One of those ways is to fill the canyon with troglodyte corpses
Rolling the rock troll
Another puzzle door
Yo, ghost bro, chill K?
Cool map and other cool loot unlocked.
Bandit in the pass…if you know what I mean.

Sailing home
Oh no! Professor is dead!

Oh no! It was a set-up!

Oh no!

Stealing the boat back from the smiths guild.
Wat do now?

Session 9-10: Waaaggghhhy Me? / I'm a fuel injected suicide machine.

Level 5
In-game date: May 29th – June 11th

Scenes Session 9

So…we accidentally bought a slave….
Orks for characters again? (Flint reincarnated as ork-kin)
Sailing home!
But first…Pirates! (dead ones)
So…we turned our accidental slave into a butler…
Turning in the super magical artifact to the group of NPCs because there’s no way the DM is going to let us keep this thing around.
Turns out, super powerful artifact has plans for flying old world castle. Guess we’ve got to build it now.
So, let’s go to Farflats and learn how to make it better.

Scenes Session 10
Arrival at Farflats!
So…you’re saying someone actually cared about that person we killed?
Let’s hope fewer people care about these investigators we’re killing.
DM is thankful and slightly disappointed that no hellboy references were made to the stone power gauntlet magic item. But the dwarf has a hellboy arm now either way.
Traveling along a caravan to the town of Nip (It’s a really big land-train-tank full of water)



Hey! That town is on a nekkid lady! Let’s go sleep on it!

Session 8: The Curse of the Mummy / Death of a Sailsman / History is a Flat Circle (where you get married and then die)

Character Level: 3 (advance to 4)
In-game date: May 24th – May 28th

They’re under the ground! (Saving the dervish from the rock)

Dungeon: The Tomb
Encounters include:
Headshot vs Div
Headshot vs zombie
Headshot vs Swashbuckler
Headshot vs Traitorus Oristallians
Headshot vs Giant scary ass mummy
Headshot vs Arcane sanity via supermagical artifact

2 Darkwood Chariots
2 Silk couches with turquoise accents
1 marble dining table and set of gold leafed wood dining chairs.
3 wooden gold leafed casket containing mummified servents
A wide array of daggers, weapons and shields
Chests containing fine noble garments, silks, and headdresses
Jewelry including Bracelets, Anklets, Buckles, Scarabs, Amulets, Necklaces, Earrings, Collars, and Rings.
Musical instruments including reed flutes, harps, and long lute-like stringed instruments.
An array of masterwork oil lamps
A large collection of vases and jars containing wine, honeyed and pickled fruits and vegetables and salted meats, all fresh.
And a wide variety of other objects, tools and ornaments including large ostrich feather fans, boardgames, walking sticks, embalming tools, scribal equipment,

golembane scarab

+1 Crook (as light sickle B in place of S)
+1 Flail
(When used together they become a +1 Guardian Crook and +1 Defending Flail where each weapon my use it’s partners enchantment bonus to contribute to it’s guardian or defending properties)

3 boat feather tokens (rather than swan boats they are turned into reed funeral barges)

Session 6 & 7: The Sims: Drakes and Domiciles / Play Pretend / Spooky Scary Skeleton

Character Level: 3
Date: May 7th – May 24th

Session 6
Dragon at the Coal Mine
New Deputy
Goblin Wake
Shotgun wedding
Leaving Deadhand
Dinner with the Governess
‘Aint’ no kind of man if he ain’t got land
Played the Sims: Pathfinder Edition

Session 7
Grimoire and the Professor (Off screen, will fill in later)
Susie’s Imaginary adventure
Departing for Tannis
Someone else is after the ruins
go find a map
Raid Tomb, Fail at killing skeleton forever, mummy kittens, loot corpses.

Adventure Log July 6th
Need change of cloths, and soap, lot's of soap.

…-and then we ended up in the control room after we fought the slime thing, oh man, that still burns when I think about it, stinks too, I don’t think I’ve gotten all the smell off yet.

The orc didn’t seem to mind the stink so much though. In fact the ones of us that got stuck in there ended up eating the most of the brunt from the orc, kind of ironic now that I think about it, you ugly fucking beast, smelt the stink right on us I bet. We eventually downed him though, and this stupid fucking useless ogre that was with him. It was unreal, this giant I was terrified of was this gigantic piece of fat that would barely even move and when it swung it’s stupid arms around it was like a giant piece of limp spaghetti. The orc though, his fists were made of iron, there’s no way he should have been able to do what he did, it’s like he was cheating! Our paladin bullrushed him and bounced off like something you shouldn’t even try to tackle, he fended multiple of us off at once with little depth perception and a wheezing problem, I’m ashamed to call myself an adventurer but I also don’t know if I want to continue, he was the weakest of the orcs? Are you kidding me….

Session 5: Call the WAAAAAAGGGGHH-bulance

Character Level(s): 1-2 (Advance to 2-3)
Characters Present 5 (Nortis, Watts, Flint, Dath, Esta)
Date: April 30th – May 7th

Departing Oristallia
Leechmen Attack
Dealing with the mob in hearstring/Train station encounter
Leaving Heartstring
Arrival at deadhand/meeting marshal joplin
Meeting the goblin barron
Dungeon: Archive: Valet
Meeting Grimorie

Leechmen Diamonds/Coral Ring
1600 gp reward for mob
Dungeon rewards stuff

Good: Flint – Two-Shoes too many
Bad: Nortis – Your father smells of shrine oak and your mother was a one legged goblin
Ugly: Watts – Pulling an Odin (Sacrificial loss of eye)

Session 4: Flail Snail Flails Fail, Snail Turns Tail, group sells flail snail shell.

Character Level(s): 2
Characters Present 5 (Nortis, Watts, Flint, Eumnes)
Date: April 18th – 30th

Talking with Mufasa: Conclusion
Sailed East
Killed Flail Snail
Talked with Argus
Sailed to Oristallia
Talked with Byron and Odessa
Got Macguffin
Oh shit, the map

Flail Snail meat/shell/flails
Handy Haversack
Photography Equipment
+1 Mithril Warhammer

1702 EXP each (Split 5 ways)

Good: Nortis
Bad: Flint
Ugly: Watts

Session 3: Greetings sir dwarf, would you like to join our noble quest?

Character Level(s): 1-2
Characters Present 5 (Nortis, Watts, Dath, Havethar, Esta)
Date: April 8th – 18th

Finishing Smiling Constable
Character: Dath joins the party
Blacksmith Stuff
Bandit Stuff – 160 exp each
Exposition bonus 100 exp each

Money 100gp each

The Good – Esta: The DM plays wizards like batman
The Bad – Nortis (2) – Bandit Jungle Gym
The Ugly – Dath – The first KO of the season


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