Party Loot


Three yards of adamantine cloth,
two spindles of adamantine thread
adamantine needle
adamantine scisors
adamantine gloves
two doses of Defoliant Polish
Verdant Boots (Havethar)
amulet of natural armor +1 (Celeb)
Fungus Queen Sporepod (Teleportation Ritual)
regents for crafting up to 3 vials of Deathblade
Machete of Clearing
+1 shortsword
+1 mithril battle axe
adamantine dagger
adamantine chain shirt
Board game and figures
Bath Stones
Sending Paper
Stick of Fishing
Corset of the Vishkanya
Headband of Int +2 (know religion)
Staff of Journies
Portable Hole
Lantern thing
Wand of Reduce Item
Speaker’s Staff
+1 chain shirt
2 cloak of resistance +1
Lombard’s Journals and Papers
4 potions of cure light wounds
6 potions of bless weapon
2 potions of cure moderate wounds
19 holy water

Party Possessions
Flail Snail Shell
3 strands of Kruos thread (15’)
Handy Haversack (On Esta)
Photography Equipment (On Esta)
Masterwork Light Tumbling Crossbow (Haevathar) (mod w/ kruos thread)
Pearl of Power (1st Level) (Esta)
Black Coral Ring (+2 Dex, -2 Wis) (Flint)
+1 Mithril Warhammer (Watts)
tablet of languages lost (Havethar)
apprentice’s cheating gloves (Nortis)
mithral shirt
spear of the watchful guardian (Flint)
everburning torch
Mistmail (Flint)
+1 studded leather (Nortis)
+1 chain shirt
+1 Crook (set)
+1 Flail (set)
+1 keen Kopesh (Celeb)
+1 summoning dagger
golembane scarab
Explorers Pith Helmet (Havethar)
+1 Rapier (Flint)
+1 light steel shield
Masterwork Full Plate (Dath)
Dwarven Power Gauntlet (Dath)
+1 Repeating Rifle (Esta)

scroll of detect secret doors
scroll of remove paralysis
a scroll of align weapon, a
scroll of halt undead
scroll of knock,
scroll of burning hands (CL2)
scroll of flaming sphere
scroll of identify
scroll of levitate
scroll of magic missile
scroll of shocking grasp (CL2)
scroll of bless (2)
scroll of cure moderate wounds
scroll of effortless armor
scroll of hold person
scroll of magic weapon
scroll of sound burst
scroll of charm person
scroll of invisibility
scroll of magic missile
scroll of warding weapon

wand of cure light wounds
wand of lesser restoration (10 charges)
wand of grease (10 charges)
wand of vanish (9 charges)
wand of cure light wounds (19 charges)
wand of searching ray (6 charges)
wand of shield (9 charges)
wand of bull’s strength [8 charges]
wand of cure moderate wounds [25 charges]

potion of bull’s strength
2 potions of cure moderate wounds
5 potion of cure light wounds
potion of hide from undead

3 boat feather tokens
2 alchemist’s fire
4 holy water

Party Loot

The Material Woodbelly