Kaldr Fjall

One of the three great dwarven nations, Kaldr Fjall maintains the southern border of the Federation of Qog via one of the three great walls, the Wall of Hate. Kaldr Fjall is led by King Aldrus Odamek VIII from his seat in the great dwarven fortress of Zitadel Hass. Kaldr Fjall is home to the world renown Guild of Grudges, a group of elite dwarves led by the king himself who fight for vengance for those who have wronged dwarven kind (or their closest allies) and have found their name within the Book of Grudges. The guild also serves as the nation’s non-elected senate, with the elected senate forming the third and most powerful branch of their government.

In addition to maintaining the Wall of Hate and being home to the Guild of Grudges Kaldr Fjall is also renown for it’s isolationism. They do the least trading of the three dwarven natoins by a large percentage and their capital city is closed to non-citizens save for the outermost portoin of the trading district.

Known For

  • Guild of Grudges
  • The Fortress City of Zitadel Hass
  • The Wall of Hate
  • The most isolationist of the dwarven kingdoms.

Kaldr Fjall

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