Healing, Poison, Disease Severe Injury

The act of magical healing is a great boon to the world of the material, however, it is not a ‘cure all’ in any sense of the word. The world of the material still needs doctors, surgeons and pharmacists to treat the ill and wounded.

The following spells are not present in the setting’s spell list.

Remove Disease
Remove Blindness-Deafness (may be cast as a 3 hour ritual with material components)

The treatment of disease and poisons within the world lies strictly in the hands of the doctor and surgeons. While they frequently use divine healing in their practice, they’re typically used to treat symptoms or as life support during operations.

Disease and Poison both require the use of the heal skill to treat. The symptoms and rate of infection may be mitigated via magic.

Severe Injury

Any time a player takes damage, they have the option to do the following

1. Divide the damage in half
2. Minimize the damage by an amount needed to leave the character at 1hp.

If the character opts for either option, the DM will roll on a severe injury chart, the more damage mitigated, the higher the roll on the chart.

Examples of results on the chart include, but are not limited to things like becoming temporarily staggered, having your movement speed lowered, losing the use of a hand temporally to more severe injuries like loss of limbs or eyes, head trauma, or sucking chest wounds.

Healing, Poison, Disease Severe Injury

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