Character Building

The following questions are optional that can be addressed in your backstory in order for me to more readily incorporate your character into the world.

1: Describe your characters relationships outside of the party. Who are/were their parents, are they still alive?, if so, where are they and does the character know? Do they have any other family such as brothers or sisters? Do they have a spouse or children, perhaps someone they’d like as a spouse? What about close friends?

2: Name an organization or person that is on good terms with the player, who would consider helping the player if in need, and why. Name an organization or person who is on poor terms with the player and why. These can be existing organizations found in the wiki, or new ones you invent.

3: What does your character need the most? This is an open ended question. It could be something as simple as survival, esteem, fortune or knowledge, or something a bit deeper.

4: What are your characters likes and dislikes? Things your character likes or dislikes on sheer personal taste. Food, smells, sounds, textures, etc. Are there any reasons behind these tastes beyond ‘I (dis)like it’?

5: What are your character’s fears? Both mundane and the not-so-mundane.

Character Building

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