The Material

Watts' Journal Part 2
The Constable may have a noble heart...

Today…Today has been a long day. We’ll get back to that. It’s been a while since my last entry, so naturally a lot has happened. After we got out of the Salt Mine, radiation poisoning free I might add, we plucked our way down to our boat to find out that its boiler plate had cracked while we were out and about. Luckily there was a small town only a few dozen miles away from us. With no other alternative, we set out on foot hoping to find a good smith capable of completing our requirements.

As we strode along the woodland roads, we heard a terrible scream come from just over the hill that sounded like a young woman under the axe of an executioner. When we crested the hill, however, we discovered a dire looking plant beast of sorts with tentacles coming out at all ungodly angles. When engaged, the beast continued to let out a slew of different screams that all sounded like the final breaths of its past victims. Once the beast was felled, we found its mark. It was just about to feast on a group of small, pixie-like creatures, no two alike. The little things seemed harmless enough and didn’t let off any evil vibes, so I decided to let them go about their way. Happy with our actions, they invited the party to their little hovel. I’m not much one for crawling into small spaces underground, so I decided to wait outside. A few minutes later our Witch, Esta I believe her name is, exited the hole first with a shining crown and one of the little creatures on her head. The little guy, later dubbed Puck, wielded a crossbow bolt as a spear and a tea cup as a helm and rode along Esta’s head with the crown acting as a saddle.

Further along the road, we saw a nice little cottage just off the side of the road. Hoping for good company, we took a break. When no one answered the door, our Goblin companion poked around the side of the building. When peering inside, he saw a body hanging from the rafters. Suicide never struck me as a suitable way to go. Even in my darkest times of my lonesome childhood, it never seemed like a viable option. No matter what’s happening, suicide couldn’t possibly make it better. There’s no gain to be had. Sure, there’s release, but that can also be attained through the changing of your situation. Anyway, the man had left a note detailing that he and his brother went into the forest nearby to hunt down a fearsome magical for that had been terrorizing the locals. In the note, the man went on to say that he had envied his brother for most of their life, another undesirable trait. After that, the note went on to describe their encounter with the beast. If I remember correctly, he cowered while his brother, a truly amiable character, fought the beast head-on and managed to take it down. Seizing the opportunity, the first man drew his crossbow on the man and shot him from behind. Once more, he fails to prove that he is a man of great character. Perhaps we are better off without someone like him in our world.

The most tantalizing bit of information of the note stated that despite his seemingly fatal wound, the man’s brother staggered out of the woods a few days later and resumed his life as if nothing had happened. He does not believe this man to be his brother, but rather something that has taken up his place and he urges someone to stop it at all costs. He’s left the righteous and redeeming deeds to another with a stronger will than he. At the very least he knows where he’s not needed. Anyway, we decided to go into the forest to investigate.

Towards nightfall, we came across a large pit about 40 feet in depth with small bits of movement at the bottom. Once myself and Nortis, the Goblin, repelled down, we discovered that it was the man’s brother who had been shot by the crossbow bolt. With some medical attention, he temporarily came to and thanked us for help. Furthermore, he inquired about his brother before passing out again. It seemed that he had been sustaining himself by the Goodberry bushes growing along the walls. Once we got him out of the pit, we were very surprised to another man with the visage of the one we just saved coming out of the woodwork towards. Upon seeing who we had with us, the second attacked. After a good volley of attacks, it sensed its defeat and jumped towards our recently retrieved quarry. With a very well placed slash from our Pirate, whose name I have come to know as Flint, the beast was split in twain and sent tumbling down into the pit. I suppose we’ll never know his origin.

The next day, we were back at the man’s cottage with his wife when he completely came back to consciousness. He awarded out good deeds with a Repeating Crossbow and a nice set of clothing that had once belonged to his brother. Seeing as I’m the only only in his same general shape and size, the vest with a blue crest of Goodberries on the breast fell to me. I don’t much like it due to its previous owner’s history, but it could perhaps be of some us in the future.

As we came into the next town, continuing our journey for a good Smith, I was pulled aside by a farmer in well-used clothes begging for medical help for his daughter. Naturally, I couldn’t say no to those in need and followed him to his home. After identifying the problem as Kobold’s Cough, a sickness common amongst the draconic races that would occasionally spread its wings to the other races, I made my way to the Apothecary to retrieve the required supplies for a cure. It was there that the Apothecary alerted me to the fact that the town’s Duke had taken a liking to the tea that could be made using the roots that I needed. Therefore, the Duke had purchased every bit of the tea that he could possibly get his hands on in at least a ten mile radius. Furthermore, he was having it shipped in from other parts of the country. I came back to the farm to tell the man of our problem. It was at this point that he revealed himself to be the long-since retired Constable. If you’re unfamiliar with him, he was a high-way robber who would occasionally use his thieved riches to help those in need. Surely this was a just use of the earnings, but in no way acceptable avenue of accruing the materials. It was at this point that he told us of a shipment of the required materials that were coming into the Duke’s possession later that night. He then hatched a plan to spring an ambush on the caravan to take the roots by force.

The man…surely is a despicable shell of a human, but there’s no doubt that his intentions are pure. He has long since hung up his thieving tools, supposedly, and taken up the simple life of a farmer. This part seems true enough, but there’s no denying that there are foul deeds in his past. And who’s to say how deep these indiscretions go? Nevertheless, that is not the problem at hand. Should I help him in securing the roots for his daughter? She’s pure of heart and in need of healing. I have an oath to protect those in need, help the sick and weary, and to enforce the mandates of Apexia. This is not a choice to be influenced by those around me or the church. I need to decide for myself how to go about this. The heist takes place later tonight. I’ll update you once more when I have more information.

Until next time, Watts Partida

Haevathar's Journal, March 12th- April 8th 498 AS

Haevathar’s Journal- March 12th 498 AS

I met up with the Professor today as per his request. He was just finishing up a very rousing lesson about the mind as a weapon when my new adventuring party and I walked in. We exchanged the usual pleasantries before getting down to business. An expedition to an ancient complex, possibly a temple or manufacturing center from the Old Age. Danger and untold riches, an archaeologist’s dream!

March 13th 498 AS

We have set out on our quest. The next three weeks promise to be protected waters and scenery viewing. I’ve taken the time to get to know our new friends a bit more. They are indeed an interesting choice of companions for an expedition of this type, although I believe all their services will be necessary. Two folks with those loud, aggravating ‘firearms’, one of whom seems a bit trigger happy, if that’s the term. A healer, a fighter, and me. I’ve explained the dangers to be found within old structures such as the one we are visiting, and this only excited them more. I just hope that they don’t break anything valuable in their quest to stab and shoot.

April 4th 498 AS

Amazing news! Before even entering the structure, know known to be a manufacturing center for Old Age Constructs, we found the remains of an adventurer lying in a crevasse who had been there for fifty years. The sword that lay on his broken skeleton happened to be magic. Not only magic, dear journal, but sentient! His name is Lore. Once a proud librarian, he volunteered to set himself into this blade to retain and preserve knowledge. His original manuscripts, contained within him and memorized by the same magic that gives him his current form, detail much of the history of Elves through their poetry, many stanzas of which have been lost to this generation and many before it! He also has the ability to memorize new works, which he has been happy to do after so many years in isolation. I’ve been conversing with him at length about the past, and we both have enjoyed the conversation immensely. More about that later. For now- the ruin itself.

It seemed to be a manufacturing center. Ancient construct parts and rusted remains littered the floors. There were a few simple traps which were easily dismantled (or walked under, in the case of our little green friend). A rust monster had taken residence in a far end of the ruin, but was dispatched with haste by our combined efforts. I’ve found my crossbow extremely handy, as I do not enjoy personal combat and would not risk Lore even to save my own skin. His knowledge is worth so much to all of us, whether we realize it or not. Further into the structure, we found much Hubris, which began to affect the party in the strange way that glowing rock does. I know not what mechanisms the people who built this place used to prevent the Sickness. Deep within the still functioning (!!) furnace rooms we found a strange scavenging construct that proved a mighty challenge to us. It was definitely of Old World design, and I can only assume that it has been functioning for many years down here with no repairmen- an amazing feat of technological prowess. Inside the construct was a smaller one, with five strands of Kruos thread woven betwixt it and the larger machine. Yet another exciting find. The understanding of Krous creation has been lost for ages, and the threads themselves are very valuable as museum pieces, experimental things, and as crossbow strings due to their amazing tensile strength.

Beyond the construct lay the still functioning heart of the furnace. We will have to send a team of engineers to this place to see what ancient technology can be revived from it. Marble statues were also taken from the Construct Tomb, as I call this place, to sell at market to interested curators.

We discovered a hole in the boiler of our steam ship, and must travel a day or two to the nearest town to hire a blacksmith capable of the repairs. This is only a minor setback however. My blood is still pumping strongly from the day’s adventure.

I feel that I am missing some details, but it has been a long day, and I am catching Lore up on the last fifty years of history as I write this.

April 6th 498 AS

Strange and sad times, dear Journal. We came across a group of Hexies that were being chased down as food by a horrid plant-like creature with large yellow teeth. We dispatched it with haste, and the Hexies welcomed us into their home to give us a reward for our services. I cannot describe how adorable the little buggers are. One has decided to journey with us, a proud Warrior and Adventurer for the Hexie Society. I will do my best to help ensure his safety, so that he may journey home with a long list of valorous and amazing deeds. Remind me to commission a blacksmith to cover his’spear’ in gilded gold. Shouldn’t take more than a couple of pieces.

We came across a cabin on the outskirts of Howe, the town with a blacksmith capable of fixing our boat. The man inside had decided to take his own life by hanging, and left a note detailing why. He had harbored a strong jealousy for his brother, whom he saw as having a much better life than he. When a monster decided to take up residence near the village and kill local livestock, the brothers took it upon themselves to rid the area of the vile beast. Our hanged man hid while his brother dispatched the ‘monster’ that had been causing the trouble- a wolf, new to the area and living in a cave nearby. The hanged man took his chance and used the opportunity to kill his brother and steal the credit for saving the town, presumably to become more loved amongst the citizenry. Unfortunately, his ‘brother’ was already telling a story at the local tavern of how he killed the beast. This odd event, coupled with his “brother’s” new habit of digging around the lilac bush near his home, worried our writer to the point of suicide. he stated that he knew he had dispatched his brother, and something sinister had taken his place.

We journeyed to the location of the cave, where we found the brother, still alive! He had a crossbow bolt in his chest, and had been surviving by eating lilacs for the days that he lay slowly dying. We managed to stabilize him and remove him from the cave as the hanged man whom we had cut down and lay in his own bed came running up to us, claiming that the hurt man was the beast. We knew better, and began assaulting whatever this… thing was. I can barely describe the horrendous form it took as it attacked mercilessly. I was mortified and feared for all of our safety, but it was taken down. Returning the man to his wife and home, he was healed up well enough to speak with us. I was saddened deeply to explain what we knew of the situation to him. He was incredibly grateful to us, and while his wife treated us to the best potato stew I have ever eaten, he presented us with gifts of a coat (to the goblin Nortis) and a beautiful tumbling crossbow to me. These events have troubled me deeply, and I hope to keep in contact with this family for as long as I stay alive. They are good people, and the events of this day must have hurt them deeply. His wife and he have been trying for a child for many years. Maybe I can send them some of the herbs and medicines from the East that have been known to help increase fertility.

The undertaker was dispatched to retrieve the body of the hanged man, and we have rummaged about the town. Some events are transpiring that I fear to write about, lest this journal come into the wrong hands.

April 8th 498 As

The plan went through wonderfully, although there was a man involved that we hoped not be. More later, dear Journal.

Session 2 Summary: What the Puck/Bros Before Holes

Character(s) level 1 (Advance to 2)
Characters Present: 5, Haevathar, Esta, Flint, Nortis, Watts
Date: April 4th-8th, 498 AS.

Conclusion of Dungeon: The Refinery
Encounter: Scrap Cat (CR 3) Note: Flint Failed Disease saving throw, may suffer terrible fate next session)

Event: All hail queen of the Hexies!
Encounter: That plant tentacle thing nobody recognized. CR 2

Event: This man is not my brother.
Encounter: What the flying fuck is that / Skinchanger? CR 2

Event: The flawless theft of the Count’s Shrine Oak with the aid of the party paladin.
Encounter: The Count’s Escort CR 3

5 strands of Kruos thread (15’)
Crown of Light
12 goodberries
4 potions of Cure Light Wounds (2 used during session)
The fine blue velvet coat made by the Waldrechian man’s mother. Pocket needs repaired.
Masterwork Light Tumbling Crossbow

Session will resume with the conclusion of “Event: The flawless theft of the Count’s Shrine Oak with the aid of the party paladin.”

XP Awards

The Good: Nortis – Breaking the news to the house with the Hawthorne tree.

The Bad(ass) – Watts (2) – Paging Dr. Watts. Dr. Watts to the this fucked up shit over here.

The Ugly – Flint (2) – Rust just hasn’t been on the gambler’s side lately.

Watts' Journal Part 1
The day I almost got cancer.

I’m not normally one to write down something so superfluous as my own feelings as opposed to something important like medical findings, but the Professor has highly suggested that I keep a record of this adventure. Supposedly it’ll help me work through everything I’m going through and give me a record to look back on when I’m old and whatnot. We’ll see.

Anyway, as I feared, the group wasn’t too…efficient at first. After the long journey, we made our way into the abandoned Salt Mine. In a pit just beyond the opening of the cave we found a skeleton accompanied by an interesting sword. The sword itself came to life once our Archeologist inquired into it. Turns out it’s an old Elven warrior named Lore who’s consciousness was transferred into the sword years ago to ensure the survival of his race’s culture. An interesting creature by any standards. At any rate, he decided to join us on our journey rather than sitting at the bottom of that pit.

The cave itself wasn’t entirely special, but we did find out that it was in fact not a Salt Mine like we were lead to believe. It was instead a Robot factory of sorts that had long since been abandoned. Their remains were scattered everywhere inside. The place was infested with monsters and we soon found out that it also had quite a large quantity of Hubris in its darker corners. Some of the more notable creatures that lived within were a Rust Monster that feasted on our Pirate’s favoured blade, and a mechanical jungle cat. The cat was an interesting creature that was being controlled by a very small mechanical spider made of gold filaments. He was instructing the creature to add more parts to its whole to make it bigger when we intervened.

Another interesting note about the cave was that it did have a small library and classroom setting. Furthermore, I found a large mural of Apexis on the ceiling of a large room that held an inset for a small statue that had long since been missing. I wish I could have looked around more, but the area was infested with Hubris and I could feel the early signs of radiation poisoning.

Furthermore, during our battle with the cat, our Pirate – can’t remember his name, Flick, Frank, or Folt. Something “colorful” like that – was struck down by the cat. His wounds were not serious, but I fear an infection. I’ll have to keep tabs on him for now.

Til next time, Watts Partida
Session 1 - Take the Safety off your brain gun / Rust In Peace

Characters level(s): 1
Characters Present: 5, Haevathar, Esta, Flint, Nortis, Watts
Date: March 12th to April 4th

Time with Professor Lambard @ Oristallia University
Preparation for the journey to Waldreich @ Oristallia Proper
Sailing to Waldreich @ The Sleeping Sea, Straights of the First Age, Sunset Sea
Establishing the base camp @ Mountains in eastern Waldreich

Dungeon: The Refinery (Part 1)

Event: Lore
Trap: Blade trap (CR 1)
Encounter Giant Cockroaches (CR 1)
Encounter: Fat Rust Monster (CR 2)
Environment: Acid Clock (CR 2)
Environment: Hubris Poisoning (CR 2)

Lead Breastplate
Six marble busts of old world inventors worth ~ 50gp each
Artifact Pen and Ink set worth ~ 50gp
Quick Runner’s Shirt
Pearl of Power (1st Level)
Old world engineering Texts
8200 sp, 600 cp

The Good: Dr. Havethrar – Interaction with Lore
The Bad(ass): Watts – The Green Mile (of Hubris Stone)
The Ugly: Flint – The Rust Monster ate my Baby


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