Professor Lambard

Turn the safety off your brain gun.


Head of the Old World Technology department at Oristallia University Professor Lambard is one of the greatest minds in the field of old world knowledge, specifically relating to old world philosophy, engineering and literature.

Having taught at the university for nearly thirty years, Lambard finds himself supported by a cushy contract and a nearly unbreakable tenure, two pillars that support his ever increasingly ‘unique’ teaching methods. Students enroll eagerly to his classrooms, some to witness what senior students describe as a class that resembles a fire inside of a crowded barn, others to gain tutelage from the reported great mind who lit the match in aforementioned barn.

Lambard once enjoyed massive research grants he used to fund large expiditons to old world sights and has personally recovered, identified, and cataloged countless artifacts both old world and new. However, he is coming of age and grows tired of the expeditons he was once fond of. The graduate students are incompetent fools, mercenaries or ‘adventurers’ are greater fools with a greedy streak to boot.

So it seems he’s left to ponder, to come up with a group of people who aren’t his nincompoop grad students or bloodthirsty sellswords. Hopefully his ever thinning address book of ‘friends’ will pull through.

Professor Lambard

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