You know, there was once a song about a situation like this...



+1 Mithril LN Intelligent Longsword 8 ego

18 Int
14 Cha
6 Wis

Ancient High Elvish, Ancient Wood Elvish, Oristallian, Old Orcish, Dwarvish

Defend Knowledge

Read Magic at will
Prestidigitation at will
5 ranks in Know: History
5 ranks in Prof: Librarian

Consume text – Lore may be stabbed into a book, destroying it in a cloud of green flame. This allows lore to instantly read the book a single time and report back his summary. Lore doesn’t enjoy doing this.

Amend text – Lore’s blade may be placed inside of a closed book, like a bookmark. If left in this position for 1 hour per 100 pages of the text, lore will add the text to his library. Unfortunately, doing so erases the pages of the book, leaving them blank.

Texts added to lore’s extensive collection of poetry, songs and history:
3/3: Applied Mechanical Engineering: A Student’s Text. Printed Aprx. 330 PS


Long ago Lore was a librarian. The ancient races were preparing for war with the orcs and were storing away as much knowledge as possible. Lore was an experiment, he volunteered to have himself and his beloved books sealed into a blade that could be carried by the survivors of the war. He’s quite knowledgeable, but has become a touch disorganized since the age of the old races.


The Material Woodbelly