The Material

Session 9-10: Waaaggghhhy Me? / I'm a fuel injected suicide machine.

Level 5
In-game date: May 29th – June 11th

Scenes Session 9

So…we accidentally bought a slave….
Orks for characters again? (Flint reincarnated as ork-kin)
Sailing home!
But first…Pirates! (dead ones)
So…we turned our accidental slave into a butler…
Turning in the super magical artifact to the group of NPCs because there’s no way the DM is going to let us keep this thing around.
Turns out, super powerful artifact has plans for flying old world castle. Guess we’ve got to build it now.
So, let’s go to Farflats and learn how to make it better.

Scenes Session 10
Arrival at Farflats!
So…you’re saying someone actually cared about that person we killed?
Let’s hope fewer people care about these investigators we’re killing.
DM is thankful and slightly disappointed that no hellboy references were made to the stone power gauntlet magic item. But the dwarf has a hellboy arm now either way.
Traveling along a caravan to the town of Nip (It’s a really big land-train-tank full of water)



Hey! That town is on a nekkid lady! Let’s go sleep on it!



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