The Material

Session 8: The Curse of the Mummy / Death of a Sailsman / History is a Flat Circle (where you get married and then die)

Character Level: 3 (advance to 4)
In-game date: May 24th – May 28th

They’re under the ground! (Saving the dervish from the rock)

Dungeon: The Tomb
Encounters include:
Headshot vs Div
Headshot vs zombie
Headshot vs Swashbuckler
Headshot vs Traitorus Oristallians
Headshot vs Giant scary ass mummy
Headshot vs Arcane sanity via supermagical artifact

2 Darkwood Chariots
2 Silk couches with turquoise accents
1 marble dining table and set of gold leafed wood dining chairs.
3 wooden gold leafed casket containing mummified servents
A wide array of daggers, weapons and shields
Chests containing fine noble garments, silks, and headdresses
Jewelry including Bracelets, Anklets, Buckles, Scarabs, Amulets, Necklaces, Earrings, Collars, and Rings.
Musical instruments including reed flutes, harps, and long lute-like stringed instruments.
An array of masterwork oil lamps
A large collection of vases and jars containing wine, honeyed and pickled fruits and vegetables and salted meats, all fresh.
And a wide variety of other objects, tools and ornaments including large ostrich feather fans, boardgames, walking sticks, embalming tools, scribal equipment,

golembane scarab

+1 Crook (as light sickle B in place of S)
+1 Flail
(When used together they become a +1 Guardian Crook and +1 Defending Flail where each weapon my use it’s partners enchantment bonus to contribute to it’s guardian or defending properties)

3 boat feather tokens (rather than swan boats they are turned into reed funeral barges)



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