The Material

Session 5: Call the WAAAAAAGGGGHH-bulance

Character Level(s): 1-2 (Advance to 2-3)
Characters Present 5 (Nortis, Watts, Flint, Dath, Esta)
Date: April 30th – May 7th

Departing Oristallia
Leechmen Attack
Dealing with the mob in hearstring/Train station encounter
Leaving Heartstring
Arrival at deadhand/meeting marshal joplin
Meeting the goblin barron
Dungeon: Archive: Valet
Meeting Grimorie

Leechmen Diamonds/Coral Ring
1600 gp reward for mob
Dungeon rewards stuff

Good: Flint – Two-Shoes too many
Bad: Nortis – Your father smells of shrine oak and your mother was a one legged goblin
Ugly: Watts – Pulling an Odin (Sacrificial loss of eye)



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