The Material

Session 13-14: Strike the earth!

Level 6
In-game date: June 22nd, July 20th

Pimp my ride: Wood Elf Boat Edition
Sailing to Bargemurdered
The Goblin and the Dancer talk to a dorf without being noticed they’re public enemy #1, buy a parking spot from him.
Spending forever in the deep roads
Showing up at Honorhome
Hanging out with King Arkhammer who is a chill dude
Making plans with Arkhammer
Barron Dath
Off to Inkstone to kill the necromancer
Killin plants
Finding crystal tool key things
Killin flesh golems
Killin zombies
Not killin canibal dorf
Finding a badass shield
Killin necromancers
Celeb steals a few pages of the Black Texts, goes crazy. And Scene.



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